Isabella, a non-profit, non-sectarian, organization, has pioneered in the care of the elderly since 1875. Since its inspired beginning, Isabella has grown from a traditional nursing home to a leading healthcare organization providing a continuum of services on its own campus and in the community at large.

When Anna and Oswald Ottendorfer opened the first home in 1875, they named it in honor of their daughter, Isabella Uhl, whose early death at the age of 27 cut short her remarkable career in caring for the poor. Initially located in Astoria, Queens, Isabella was dedicated to the care of indigent elderly women. Isabella moved to its present location in 1889 and simultaneously expanded its mission to care for both women and men- without regard to race, creed or nationality.

Today, Isabella is a large complex offering a diversity of services on four well-landscaped acres.


In addition to a 705-bed nursing home, Isabella offers moderately priced senior housing, adult day health care, home care, short and long-term rehabilitation and a variety of community programs designed to help older adults remain healthy while living at home.

At Isabella we seek to support our community through high quality care at every level - from health education and preventive services to long-term health care options; from the family requiring childcare to those seeking support for an aging loved one – Whatever your needs may be, you’ll find the very best at Isabella.

Isabella has a deep and long-standing commitment to serving our community – both on and off our campus. As we move forward in the 21st century, we will strive to be in the forefront of adopting the latest innovations in good care and will continue to work closely with our equally dedicated community partners so that we can deliver the best care possible to those we serve.

As of December 2017, Isabella has become an affiliated agency of the MJHS Health System. Isabella and MJHS Health System share rich histories that date back more than 100 years. Both organizations share a common mission, values and commitment to caring for diverse populations when they are most vulnerable.

Founded in 1907, MJHS Health System has expanded to become one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the regions and provides home care, hospice and palliative care for adults and children, centers for rehabilitation and nursing care and the research-based MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care. It also provides Elderplan which offers health plans for Medicare and Dual Eligible beneficiaries in its managed long-term care plan, HomeFirst, one of the original managed long-term care plans in New York. Many MJHS Health System programs are aided by grants from MJHS Foundation, which is supported by private and corporate donations.

For a list of our Board of Directors and senior management, click here.

Isabella Board of Directors

Alexander Balko President/CEO
Ann WyattChair, Program Committee
John Green1st Vice President
Jay Talbot Chair, Finance Committee and Governance Committee
Caroline M. JacobsSecretary
Hila Richardson Immediate Past Chair
Tara A. Cortes, PhD, R.N. FAANMember
William Gormley Member
Arthur Goshin, MD, MPH Member
Richard. B. Harding, Jr.Member
Rafael Lantigua, M.D.Member
Mark Lipton, PhD.Member
Ronald Milch, MBA, MPA Member
Steven Newman, MBA, M. EngMember
Tia Powell, M.D.Member
Most Reverend Gerald T. WalshMember

Isabella Senior Management

Loyola Princivil- Barnett Senior Vice President of Operations/Administrator of Record
Mary Digangi Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Mohammad Butt, M.D.Director of Medical Services
Ellen HarnettVice President, Quality and Compliance
Mariam PaulDirector of Nursing

To view Isabella's current Annual Report, click here.

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Above: Isabella Uhl. Below: An earlier Nursing Home building. It was replaced by more modern buildings in the 1970's.