Isabella's Artists Shine

 “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” – Twyla Tharp

As one enters Lillian Mercado’s apartment, one is transpired into another world. The cozy space is filled with sunshine rays on a cool fall evening with breathtaking views of the Palisades and the Hudson River. The apartment is filled with many paintings- of landscapes, nature, flowers and much more.  

Lillian’s love for drawing and painting began when she was a child. She held onto her hobby of painting through the years. She attended classes at the Academy of Art and took training from Joseph Hintersteiner, who was her first teacher. Lillian even exhibited her work in his art gallery. She has been a participant of Isabella’s Art Stroll for the past two years.

“I like to paint.” Lillian paints anything and everything that she sees. She paints pictures from the internet to landscapes that she has visited. She likes to recreate other artist’s works as well as create her own. Her inspiration to paint comes from her trips as she loves to travel.

Margot Neuberger who lives just a few flights below Lillian is also an avid painter. Margot, who was a professional designer, began painting later in life. She loves sewing and has designed many dresses.  Later on, Margot would spend her evenings at the Y painting after working. Margot enjoys painting different things including real life scenes. Her inspiration to paint comes from her trips and paintings of other artists.

Both Lillian and Margot are participants of Isabella’s NORC Programs. Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) and Continuing Care Leadership Coalition (CCLC) recently held a contest for their “Celebrating Patient Art” 2016 Calendar. They invited artwork from children, adults and senior citizens to emphasize and appreciate the significance of art therapy on all ages. Both Lillian and Margot submitted their artwork. Lillian submitted “Harvest Scene” which was inspired by a picture she had seen ten years ago. Margot submitted a painting that was inspired from her trip to an Amish town in Pennsylvania.    Lillian’s painting “Harvest Scene” was selected for the GNYHA/CCLC 2016 Calendar.

 Dolores Terrero, a client of Isabella’s Adult Day Health Care Program, also participated in the contest. She created a punch hook rug from yarn. Her work was also featured in the calendar.

By Gurvinder Kaur

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Isabella's Artists Shine