Great News!  Isabella receives Comfort Matters accreditation!

Isabella’s program in palliative care for people with advanced dementia has attained Comfort Matters accreditation by Beatitudes of Phoenix, Arizona. Comfort Matters is a dementia care education and research program dedicated to improving the quality of care and life of people with dementia.   

Isabella has been engaged in person centered care for all residents for more than twenty years.  
Part of that effort includes offering 24 hour visiting privileges, a personalized dining experience, more culturally sensitive programming and adaptation to each individual’s preferences with respect to activities of daily living.

The achievement of Comfort Matters accreditation comes after four years of dedicated work by a gifted team of Isabella professionals whose prior experience in resident centered care, coupled with the lessons learned from the Beatitudes experience, led them to have the competence and belief that some of the accepted norms in long term dementia care here at Isabella would benefit from some fundamental rethinking. 

Isabella is grateful to Beatitudes of Phoenix for their education and guidance, to CaringKind for their foresight in bringing this effort to New York, and, most of all, to the dedicated team of staff who worked tirelessly to bring the Comfort Matters program to life at Isabella.

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Great News!  Isabella receives Comfort Matters accreditation!